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15 Essential Things to Carry in Your Handbag

Women usually clutter their bags with a lot of unnecessary things. "Just in case! You never know what happens!" You should decide what to put in your handbag according to the items you normally use every day. Whenever choosing what your bag should hold, do it wisely and stick to the basic stuff. Opt for a few essential things that every woman should carry in her handbag.

You should also consider putting everything in smaller bags so you can transfer quickly everything from one purse to another. This can also help you find what you are looking for much easier. Try to keep the essentials such as keys, wallet, cell phone and a few make-up items.

  • Wallet. Every woman needs a wallet for keeping her money, credit cards and in order to keep other things well organized. Before buying your wallet, you need to figure out what kind of wallet you need: a bigger one with lots of room or a smaller one.

  • Healthy snacks. Carrying healthy snacks, such as dried fruits, natural almonds or low-fat granola bars, can help you stay in shape and avoid buying candy bars or a bag of chips. These fast snacks are easy to carry and don't need refrigeration. Be careful to change your snack every morning.

  • Lip balm and lip gloss. Lips get dry easily and sometimes lipstick is rubbing off. In these cases a lip gloss keeps you out of troubles. Besides keeping your lips hydrated, lip gloss also adds more volume to your lips making them look fuller.

  • Hair brush or comb. These items might prove to be necessary, especially if you have a bad hair day. A comb can really save you if your hair starts looking like a mess.

  • A notepad and a pen. It's more preferable to write ideas, address, directions or phone numbers than trying to remember them.
  • Your favorite perfume. You must pay attention that your perfume not to leak out into your handbag as it will only cause troubles. You can opt for the mini-perfumes so you can fresh up in every moment of the day.

  • A small mirror or a compact powder. In case you need to check out your make-up or just to make sure you are beautiful. You can also carry a compact powder instead, which has mirror on it.

  • Sanitary napkin or tampon. Always carry two or three tampons into your purse, just to be prepared in case it comes unexpectedly. Put them in an inside pocket.

  • Wet tissues. They are really useful in removing sweat, make-up or simply cleaning your hands in emergency cases.

  • Anti-bacterial hand gel. This is a smart thing to do in order to protect against any bacterial virus.

  • Nail file. You never know when a pulled nail appears. Nail files come in different forms and colors, so you can buy a smaller one that can fit into your purse.

  • Aspirin or something similar. You can also think if you take any medication and according to this, put them into your handbag.

  • Cell phone or any other electronic item you need, such as a mp3 player. Every time you go out make sure your cell phone is fully-charged.

  • Sunglasses. Choose classic, timeless black color that are appropriate for any occasion. You should also opt for those with a big frame.

  • Gum. A fresh breath is mandatory whether you are at the office or out with your friends. You can just throw a few pieces if you have a smaller handbag.

  • De-cluttering your handbag should be done once in a while and it only takes a few minutes. Start by sorting all the items into piles. In every section, throw away things you know you are not going to use anyway and old stuff. Only keep and put back only the necessary and essential things. Buy smaller, zippered bags and place the essentials in into sections. You can choose see-through bags as this will help you see the item you are looking for quickly. Always put a small garbage bag into your purse.

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