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How to Care For Handbags

Our accessories are just as paramount as the basic clothing pieces. These indeed add a special and high brow tint to our appearance and can also dress down our look when it bad shape. In order to prevent fashion disasters make sure you devote the proper effort and attention to your handbags. Learning how to care for handbags is the first step towards organizing and pampering our accessories. Storing, cleaning and nourishing are all essential steps in order to preserve the best quality of bags and purses. Leather, suede and other fabrics all deserve a special and well-defined treatment therefore find out the basics of handbag care in a few steps.

Handbags Care

Fashion encourages us to have not necessarily tons but must have and high quality accessories. Handbags occupy a prominent position among fashion items as these became real statement accessories that reflect our style-consciousness as well as respect for great designers and fashion houses. Sporting some of the most fabulous handbags is not enough in order to strengthen our fashion-pro reputation. We must also devote the same time to handbags care as we do for selection.

Finding the perfect means of maintenance in order to shepherd the spotless look of these style pieces is a must. Various materials as well as designs scream for a refined nourishment. From simple cleaning to conditioning and proper storing. Both designer bags as well as replicas or cute fakes would be grateful if you pamper them with the main cleaning rituals and follow some of the main principles to keep dust and dirt at a moderate distance. Learn how to care for handbags and adopt some of the professional guidelines that can be done with ease and doesn't require master skills and extra effort. These are some of the most prominent tasks to complete:


  • Clean your simple or designer handbags taking into account the fabric the handbag was made of. These can range from leather, to suede as well as snakeskin. These all can be easily cleansed with a wet cloth that will be able to remove the dirt and dust. This should be always done especially before putting away all your accessories. In the case of suede bags it is essential to use a gentle and smooth brush this will be able to eliminate the tiny dust debris from the depth of the material.

  • In the case of leather bags it is enough to use a wet cloth and wipe of the spots from the surface. First and foremost however empty the handbag and make sure you eliminate all the residues that might have entered the bags. You can also appeal to the dry cleaning method, and use your vacuum cleaner to make a profound cleaning. In the case you have an inner stain in the lining make sure you use a baby-wipe and rub it, until you eliminate the traces of it from the material.

  • Leather Bags

  • Leather deserves a personalized nourishing ritual. Leather protectors are available at average stores and when applied to the fabric we'll be able to keep dirt and dust away for a long time. Therefore every once in a while it is a must to pamper your purse and bags with a similar treatment. These solutions also have the quality of stripping off stains and offer the proper leather protection to your accessories. In between these sessions you can use a simple cloth in order to remove the dust from the surface. In case of additional stains it also highly advisable to use a specialized formula that would prevent the leather from damages.Always let it dry naturally in order to prevent discoloration and damages of other nature.

  • Storage

  • Storage is also extremely important as a consequence it is important to devote more time to organizing your purses. Handbags can be very fragile and vulnerable to external factors as make up, rain, food and dirt. All these can ruin their spotless quality. Therefore devote a special place for storing your purses and similar accessories. Bags that are not used should not be piled up and packed on one another.

  • Instead make sure you stuff your leather, suede or other bags with tissue paper. Besides absorbing the eventual humidity these can also keep the shape of your bags without causing any deformation.

  • All the additional details as chains should be also stored inside the bag in order to avoid scratching. Moreover it is also paramount to cover the handles of handbags especially if these are of leather metal, leather or other precious fabrics. Use a simple and soft cloth to do is and make sure these all are kept away of humidity and dust. This trick can be especially useful when you deal with packing and need to save some space in your wardrobe replacing these with new acquisitions. Moreover you should also choose a plus wrap for the high quality and most precious handbags. Professionals highly recommend the use of cotton pillowcases. These common ingredients can be found in every household and act as the best shield to enjoy the flawless shape and color of your handbags.

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