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How to Spot Fake Handbags

Replica handbags manufactured in all the corners of the world can come very close to the original, authentic designer handbags. Spotting a fake can be difficult to the untrained eye so make sure to look at the following details to ensure you are getting the real deal.

Learning how to spot a fake handbag is essential for designer handbag lovers as the industry of counterfeit handbags is flowering and thriving. Paying a generous amount of money for a handbag and ending up with a replica is not one of the happiest situations you can find yourself in. Try to guide yourself after the following steps so you can distinguish a veritable designer handbag from a knockoff.

Why not to buy a counterfeit, replica handbag

Buying a replica handbag can be very tempting for a lot of women as they can purchase their favorite handbag for less. This is basically one of the first reasons women buy replica handbags but the consequences of their actions is usually not taken into account due to a variety of reasons.

Designer handbags are indeed very expensive but their quality, materials and brand name justify their price. Replica handbags don't use the same materials, the same quality as designer handbags so eventually you will be paying for what you are getting.
Here are some other reasons why purchasing replica handbags should be avoided:

  • selling counterfeits is illegal and by purchasing a counterfeit handbag you are supporting an illegal business

  • the manufacturers and sellers of counterfeits don't pay any taxes as their merchandise is not declared so your country suffers a great amount of money loss every year

  • there have been suspicions that some of the profit produced through selling counterfeit merchandise has ended up in the hands of terrorists

  • How to spot a fake handbag

    Spotting a fake handbag can sometimes be very difficult as the technology counterfeiters use is sometimes very performant and the differences between the veritable and the knockoff product are difficult to spot.
    Here are some tips to help your chances of buying a replica handbag decrease:

  • Check for any defects of the bag. Designer handbags are carefully inspected so they don't present any flaws

  • Check for any defects in the sowing inside and outside the handbag. Counterfeiters don't pay as much attention to details as designers do. Any visible overlaying of the thread might indicate a counterfeit

  • Check the tag and look for spelling. Counterfeits might have missing or added letters which make the name similar to the original but not identical

  • Make sure not to buy your handbag from the corner of the street as for sure you will not buy an authentic handbag

  • The details like zippers and accessories adorned on the handbags can be different than on the original handbags

  • The price of the handbag should also trigger a sign of alarm as if everywhere else the same bag has the same price and you find it for half the price, something is wrong

  • Check for authenticity cards as many designers include them as a warranty or a certification that the product is original

  • Try to purchase your designer handbag from authorized dealers to make sure you are getting your money's worth.

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